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Da Medika Polyclinic has been established with the mission to provide its patients with the best quality diagnostics and treatment in the area of rheumatology, cardiology, neurology, pain medicine, endocrinology, gastroenterology and urology.
We have gathered a team of eminent experts with European recognition in these areas, who are well-known for great success in discovering causes of problems with patients with unexplained complaints, who have been seeking diagnosis for a long time.
We are also helped in that process by nurturing multidisciplinary approach, where doctors of different medical specialties are devoted to each patient for creating a complete clinical picture.

In addition to this, in accordance with a diagnosis they make, our experts implement the most efficient and modern treatment protocols and thus they find the optimal solutions for their patients’ complaints.

In case we assess that the choice of other doctors would be in the better interest of a patient, we will provide you with the proper referral and recommendations for further treatment.

We care for our patients not only while they are in our surgery, but we also monitor their condition after the examination.

We nurture commitment and an individual approach to each patient, while taking care of their emotional needs as much as of their physical health.

Place your trust in us, we are always here for you. Welcome to Da Medika Polyclinic!

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Specialist in Internal Medicine
Expert for blood pressure disorders
Head of the Clinic of Neurology of the Military Medical Academy
Specialist in Internal Medicine
Specialist of Internal Medicine - Rheumatologist
Head of II Department of the Urology Clinic of the University Clinical Centre of Serbia
Specialist in Internal Medicine
Specialist in Internal Medicine
Subspecialist in Pain Medicine

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