Dr. Nikola Roganović

Dr. Nikola Roganović

Specialist of Internal Medicine - Rheumatologist

Dr. Nikola Roganović is a specialist in internal medicine – a rheumatologist, an outstanding subspecialist in rheumatology, who has wide experience in diagnosing and treating all rheumatic diseases. Throughout his 14-year career at the Institute of Rheumatology, he acquired skills in curing even the most severe diagnostic problems in rheumatic diseases and he gained profound knowledge of treating rheumatic problems. Alongside this, he is highly skilled in the technique of ultrasound examination of joints and soft tissue. He has years of experience in precise administering of injections into joints, tendon sheaths and ligaments, which contributes significantly to fast and successful treatment of knee and hip arthrosis, arthritis, tendinitis and other rheumatic diseases.

Nikola Roganović was born in Belgrade in 1973. He completed undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Medicine in Belgrade in 2000 with a GPA of 9.96 (out of the maximum of 10).

In 2013 he completed the specialisation in internal medicine with the highest grade, while in 2019 he completed the subspecialisation in rheumatology with the highest grade as well. He completed several courses in the ultrasound of soft tissue and he has practised ultrasound diagnostics of rheumatic diseases, including punctures and local administration of medicine into joints, tendons and entheses, for many years. From 2006 to 2020, he worked at the Institute of Rheumatology, where he gained vast experience in inpatient and outpatient treatment of rheumatic patients.

Over the several past years, he has been a consultant in the area of rheumatology.