Prof. Nemanja Damjanov, MD, PhD

Prof. Nemanja Damjanov, MD, PhD

Subspecialist in Rheumatology, Medical Director

Prof. Nemanja Damjanov, MD, PhD, a specialist in internal medicine, a subspecialist in rheumatology, a doctor of medical science in the area of rheumatology and a retired full professor at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Belgrade – has 42 years of experience in treating rheumatic diseases. In his practice, he treats patients with the most diverse rheumatic diseases with success on a daily basis. He is renowned across Europe among both patients and colleagues for high percentage of success in diagnosing and treating persons with unexplained complaints, who have been seeking diagnosis for a long time, as well as persons with complex conditions and diseases, who were inadequately treated before.

Having worked at the Institute of Rheumatology in Belgrade for 38 years, 16 years of which he spent as the Director of the Institute, and having worked at the Medigroup Hospital for three years, Prof. Nemanja Damjanov now works as a rheumatologist at Da Medika Polyclinic. He treats patients with rheumatic diseases with success and he is the medical director of Da Medika Polyclinic.
Apart from being outstandingly successful in diagnosing and treating all rheumatic diseases and conditions associated with them, Prof. Damjanov is an internationally renowned and recognised expert in the application of ultrasound in diagnosing various rheumatic diseases (joint inflammation, degenerative joint diseases, tendon, ligament, bursa and muscle inflammation and injuries.


As a member of international expert groups, he has actively participated in putting forward the proposals  of the European Alliance of Associations for Rheumatology (EULAR) for treating most common chronic joint inflammation (Rheumatoid Arthritis; Psoriatic Arthritis). As a researcher and a principal investigator, he participated actively in the development of new chemical and biological drugs which were then registered for clinical practice, are applied in treating rheumatic diseases with success and have contributed significantly to more successful treatment of those diseases.

Prof. Nemanja Damjanov introduced capillaroscopy in the clinical practice in rheumatology  in Serbia, through which he contributed significantly to identifying the causes of Raynaud’s phenomenon and early detection and better treatment of systemic sclerosis. He participated in conceiving and managing the project for early detection of Rheumatoid Arthritis and Spondyloarthritis, which was supported by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia. The project increased the rate of early detection of these serious diseases and contributed to better and more efficient treatment as well as to the decrease in the number of persons incapable of work in our country.

Alongside great devotion to his patients, Prof. Damjanov has also greatly contributed to the education of new generations of rheumatologists in Serbia, in the region and in Europe. As a prominent member of the European teams for the development of new drugs and diagnostic methods, he has made a notable contribution of building up an enviable reputation of our rheumatology in Europa and across the world.

Among other rheumatic diseases, the area of special interest of  Prof. Damjanov are rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, lumboischialgia as well as the osteoarthritis of the hip and of the knee.

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA), which represents chronic inflammation of joints, is diagnosed and treated with success by Professor Damjanov through the use of the latest methods which are also applied at the most prestigious clinics in the world. This disease is indicated by painful, swollen, stiff and damaged joints. Using his knowledge and experience, Professor Damjanov treats rheumatoid arthritis with success and helps his patents maintain good quality and productive life.

Psoriatic arthritis, a chronic disease which represents the phenomenon combining psoriasis and arthritis,  is a also an area of special interest of Prof. Damjanov. This diseases is considered to be a systemic rheumatic disease, which may cause the inflammation of other organs and parts of body as well, such as eyes, intestines, etc. Professor underlines that it is very important to consult a doctor as soon as the first symptoms, such as painful, swollen and sensitive joints, skin discolouration either on one or both sides of the body, occur, or when a person shows symptoms similar to the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.

Professor Damjanov also treats successfully and help persons suffering from sciatica and lumboischialgia, the diseases which are indicated by intense pain in the lower back and buttocks, which travels down the leg to the foot. He devotes special attention to clear identification of the cause of lumboischialgia and programmes treatments depending on the cause and the degree of damage.

Osteoarthritis of hand, hip and knee joints, a disease which arises when the cartilage is damaged more than it is regenerated and which most frequently occurs either as result of a hereditary tendency to develop a disease or with persons who have previously suffered a knee or a hip injury, is also a health issue in the instances of which Prof. Damjanov has demonstrated impressive results in their early detection and treatment.

Numerous studies in which Prof. Damjanov took part include also those which proved the efficiency and safety of Orthokine method in treating chronic pain in the shoulder as well as in the treatment of knee arthrosis. The Orthokine therapy, which represents the most modern form of treatment on a natural basis, is without side effects.

Experience and references

Prof. Nemanja Damjanov, MD, PhD, is a lecturer and instructor teaching EULAR courses and he lectured 12 EULAR courses in MSK ultrasound; 5 courses in the education of future EULAR lecturers in MSK ultrasound; he participated as a lecturer in 26 regional international courses in MSK ultrasound in Europe and USA under the auspices of  EULAR. He was an executive director of 10 international courses in ultrasound used with rheumatic diseases under the auspices of EULAR.

Prof. Damjanov was the General Secretary the European Alliance of Associations for Rheumatology (EULAR) for two terms and the Chairman of the EULAR Standing Committee on Education and Training (ESCET) for two terms .

He is the member of the Serbian Royal Academy of Scientists and Artists.

He is the member of the the Academy of Medical Sciences of the Serbian Medical Society.

He published 145 research papers in international journals.

He was the editor-in-chief of “Acta Rheumatologica Belgradensia”,  the assistant editor-in-chief of “Rheumatology (Oxford)” and he is the member of the Editorial Board of “Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases”, the most acclaimed rheumatology journal in the world.

He published 145 research papers in international journals (ISI categorisation).

His name and achievements are to be found in two international monographs.

He published nineteen chapters in textbook and practica.

-He was a guest lecturer nine times at international congresses and a guest lecturer over 30 times at  prestigious international gatherings and courses for rheumatologists.

-He was cited 948 times according to the data provided by Svetozar Marković Library. According to Serbian Library Consortium for Coordinated Acquisition (KoBSON) – 1560 citations in 1286 documents. Hirsch index score: 17.