Prof. Vesna Stojanov, MD, PhD, Cardiologist

Prof. Vesna Stojanov, MD, PhD, Cardiologist

Expert for blood pressure disorders

Prof. Vesna Stojanov, MD, PhD, a full professor at the Faculty of Medicine, a specialist in internal medicine, a subspecialist in cardiology, a clinical hypertension specialist of the European Society of Hypertension, is a leading expert in treating hypertension in the country and abroad.

Based on her vast experience, both scientific and practical, Prof. Vesna Stojanov nurtures a unique approach in treating hypertension considering the fact that she  starts from comprehensive diagnostics, which insists on precise identification of the cause of the disease.  As a result of that,  Prof. Stojanov finds and applies adequate treatment methods with success, regardless of the fact whether primary or secondary hypertension or whether white coat, resistant or occupational hypertension are in question.  Diagnostic and treatment protocols applied by Prof. Stojanov are based on an individual approach,  owing to which the Hypertension Centre of DA Medika Polyclinic is the first and the only private system which applies the individual choice of anti-hypertensive therapy by means of thoracic bioelectrical impendance as well as the assessment of peripheral vascular changes – ABI.


Prof. Stojanov addresses the problem of a patient holistically, taking into consideration  the patient’s family health history, his or her complete anamnesis, accompanying diseases as well as the lifestyle.

At Da Medika Polyclinic, Prof. Stojanov is the Head of the Hypertension Centre.  

As a leading European expert in treating hypertension, Prof. Stojanov has led and participated in numerous projects in the country and abroad.

She devoted a considerable part of her career to the prevention of hypertension, which has reached the level of epidemic over the past decades both in the country and in the world. Hypertension is considered to be one of the key factors for the onset of atherosclerosis,  cardiovascular, cerebrovascular and renal diseases, which are among the main causes of mortality in the majority of developed countries and for that reason timely and adequate treatment is of utmost importance, especially when it is known that the third of adult population suffers from elevated blood pressure.

The most common symptoms of hypertension are headaches, ear buzzing,  chest pain,  difficulty breathing, vision and speech problems, confusion, dizziness.

If one or more of these symptoms arise often, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

However, it should be known that hypertension is a so-called silent killer as there are often no symptoms. Namely, symptoms can be felt only when blood pressure reaches risky readings.

Hypertension which is not controlled damages arteries, which become narrower and less flexible and thus the heart has to work more so as to pump blood. This leads to an increase in the risk from  a stroke, a heart attack, cardiac insufficiency, etc. Uncontrolled blood pressure can also lead to kidney, memory and vision damage.

At the Hypertension Centre of Da Medika Polyclinic, Prof. Vesna Stojanov will offer you everything that is needed – from advice for prevention to the way in which you can cope with any type of hypertension with success. 




Prof. Stojanov enrolled at postgraduate studies at the cardiology department in 1988, and in 1992, she defended her master thesis entitled “Coagulation Factors in Surgical Patients with a Cerebrovascular Disease caused by an Occlusive Disease of the Extracranial Part of the Carotid Arteries” at the Faculty of Medicine in Belgrade. She defended her doctoral thesis entitled “Retrospective and Prospective Hypertension Monitoring in the Same group of Examinees” in 1995 at the Faculty of Medicine in Belgrade.

She was elected Lecturer in internal medicine (cardiology) in 1998, and she was twice re-elected lecturer in the same subject, in 2002 and 2006 respectively.

She was elected Assistant Professor in 2007 and re-elected to the same function in 2012.

In October 2009 she was awarded the title of „Clinical Hypertension Specialist – European Society of Hypertension“, and in 2011 she defended her subspecialist thesis in the area of cardiology (the Faculty of Medicine in Belgrade).

Following her tenure as an assistant professor, she was elected Full Professor of the Faculty of Medicine in Belgrade in 2018.

Prof. Vesna Stojanov established the Multidisciplinary Centre for Polyclinic Diagnostics, Examination and Treatment of Arterial Blood Pressure Disorders, “ESH Exelence Center of Hypertension“, the Clinic of Cardiology, the University Clinical Centre of Serbia, which is recognised by European experts in hypertension, and which was awarded the title of the European Hypertension Centre.


References and membership

  • Leader of the World Health Organisation Project on the effect of salt on the onset of arterial hypertension;
  • Participation in the Ministry of Science Project on “the Effect of Noise on the Onset of Cardiovascular Diseases, Primarily Hypertension“;
  • Organiser of numerous congresses and educational events on hypertension;
  • Scholarship holder of the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Republic of Serbia;
  • She published over 400 scientific papers.
  • Cited 327 times according to the SCOPUS Index base, Hirsch index score 8;
  • Member of the Serbian Scientific Society;
  • Member of  FELLOW – the European Society of Cardiology
  • President of the Serbian Society of Hypertension since 2019
  • Member of the Serbian Royal Academy of Scientists and Artists.