Dr.Viktor Pasovski

Dr.Viktor Pasovski


Doctor Viktor Pasovski is an expert with years of experience in the area of transcranial ultrasound of blood vessels of the head and the neck, stroke, headaches (migraines), epilepsy, central and peripheral nervous system disorders, dementia (vascular dementia and Alzheimer’s disease), Parkinson’s disease and other neurological pathological conditions.

An examination by a neurologist is necessary if you have one of the following symptoms:

  • headaches, syncope, dizziness
  • loss of balance, loss of consciousness
  • severe pain in the lower jaw or “wandering” pain
  • pain, cramps, tingling, burning, skin-crawling or tremor of a certain part of the body or of the whole body
  • involuntary movements, slowed movements, weakness of a certain part of the body or of the whole body
  • eye disorders and double vision, incomprehensible speech, swallowing disorder and smell disorder
  • forgetfulness and disorientation.

Dr. Viktor Pasovski is employed on a permanent basis with Military Medical Academy. At Da Medika Polyclinic, he is engaged in diagnostics and treatment of all of the aforementioned diseases and conditions.